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Los Arcos - a popular destination for dive trips, boasts its largest and most exiting rock formations at depths ranging from 8 to 20 meters. Explore the shelf and visit Devil's Canyon with its 550 meter drop.
Majahuitas - is just a short boat ride and promises a less crowded dive site than Los Arcos. This secluded beach area is only accessible by boat and most of the diving takes place along the rock walls there. Moray eels, sea cucumbers and a variety of rays populate the area and make for a very exotic dive.
Marietas Islands - Islas Marietas is a group of volcanic islands located 20 miles from Vallarta and provides some of the best diving available. Caves provide the setting for schools of fish and rays against a backdrop of several different species of hard coral.
Chimo - is a fishing village located about 25 miles from Puerto Vallarta along the southern coast of the Bay. It's for divers with more than 30-dives experience. Chimo is truly a special dive site with abundant marine life and unusual and outstanding ocean floor formations. Chimo has a tremendous variety of sea life, including Giant Mantas and in season, Whale Sharks.
El Moro - is a site for experienced scuba divers with more than fifty logged dives. About 25 miles northwest of Vallarta in the Pacific Ocean, this towering peak is home to Giant Mantas, Skip Jacks and larger fish species. There is a tunnel beginning at a depth of 100 ft. and exiting at about 60 ft.
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